Beliefs & Values

UCO's fundamental responsibility is excellent teaching, which involves instilling and fostering in students the joy of learning, the ability to think critically and a desire to achieve their creative potential.

Our other major responsibilities include scholarly activities, research and service to students, to other individuals and to the larger community.

A college degree should represent an education which enables its recipients to become good citizens and responsible, independent adults who embrace learning as a lifelong endeavor.

Great universities must require and encourage a free flow of information, ideas and opinions in a community which fosters social justice, values diversity and demands the highest standards of ethical conduct, mutual respect and civility.

UCO as an institution, and all its constituents, must be committed to continuous processes of self-examination and self-improvement which encourage innovation, receptiveness and adaptation to change.

UCO must seek and maintain open and mutually beneficial relationships with its surrounding communities, and must also view itself and its graduates as part of an increasingly interdependent global society.