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General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment

General Education Student Learning Outcomes

All undergraduate students at the UCO who successfully complete a degree will be able to:


The UCO Core Curriculum is the set of courses that every student takes and through which students begin to achieve the general education (GE) learning outcomes. Faculty teaching Core courses have responsibility for assessing the foundational grasp of GE learning; faculty teaching at all levels are expected to be involved with assessing GE learning outcomes as they are demonstrated through major and elective courses. Learning acquired in the Core provides foundational knowledge and skill for learning in the major field. Early GE learning in Core courses is critical to student learning within the major, where this learning is applied and deepened through practice.

In addition to the myriad of ways that GE outcomes are assessed where degree program outcomes overlap with GE outcomes, we also assess the learning of three common general education outcomes in student writing. We collect approximately 100 papers each from Healthy Life Skills, English Composition II, and US History. Using the VALUE Rubrics from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), papers are scored by faculty and adjuncts at the end of each semester. We are still in the first stages of this kind of assessment strategy and improving the process each semester.

Through Spring 2013, part of general education assessment was done using the ETS Proficiency Profile, a standardized test that was given to a sample of students in 3000-level classes. To see archived results, click here.