Degree Program Learning Outcomes Assessment

Degree program student learning outcomes assessment focuses on the major field curriculum but incorporates developing general education knowledge and skills, such as writing and critical thinking. Assessment of the major field is the responsibility of faculty in each academic department. It is recommended that departments implement a variety of assessment activities to validate student learning. Some examples of learning outcomes assessment practices are student writing or speaking, major field tests, portfolios, performances, exhibits, critiques by outside professionals, imbedded exam questions, and capstone projects. Assessment activities should be designed to collect data that can inform program improvement and student learning. Annual Assessment Reports are submitted to the Office of Institutional Assessment by October 1 each year; on November 1, we submit the UCO Student Assessment Report to OSRHE.

Annual Assessment Report Forms

An online tool is used to collect Annual Assessment Reports.  Please contact your assessment coordinator or our office for your login information.

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