21st Century Pedagogy Registration

By registering for the 21st Century Pedagogy Institute, CETTL staff can help you track and document your participation, which will be an asset when you apply for promotion and tenure.

You will receive access to the 21CPI D2L Page within 24 hours of completing this form.

To receive Exposure for events you have already attended, log into your D2L account and go to the 21CPI Page. Select the Assessment Tab and then Dropbox. Select the Dropbox for the event you attended and submit a Word document stating the date(s) you attended into the dropbox.

To receive Integration for events you have already attended, submit your artifact for the event in that event's dropbox in D2L. 

Although some events apply to multiple FLOs, you may apply an event to only one FLO. 

To see 21CPI events you may have already attended, visit the CETTL events page: http://sites.uco.edu/academic-affairs/cettl/cettl-events/index.asp.