Classroom Assessment Techniques

Checking Students' Learning (DePaul Univ)

Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers by Thomas Angelo & K. Patricia Cross

This resource deserves its own page for several reasons:

  • CATs has been around in the current edition since 1993 — it’s that good! This is a go-to resource about assessment that has stood the test of time.
  • This book gives examples from different disciplines for how to do each of the 50 assessment techniques described.
  • For each technique, the book tells you about the time investment necessary for the faculty member and for the students.
  • This is a marvelous resource for formative assessment techniques — the kind of assessment which tells you about students’ learning while they’re in the process of that learning, thereby allowing you to help students right then to learn better and to avoid entrenching misconceptions or incomplete understandings that will cause them trouble later.
  • You will find techniques in this book to assess students’ reactions to instructional strategies as well as techniques to assess students’ grasp of the material.

For example, one of the assessment techniques described is “Focused Listing”:

Estimated Levels of Time & Energy Required for:

Faculty to prepare and use this CAT


Students to respond to the assessment


Faculty to analyze the data collected


Then, brief paragraphs are provided for:

Related Teaching Goals
Suggestions for Use

From Introductory Physics for Non science Majors (Physics)
From Investments (Finance/Management)
From an Introduction to Non-Western Art and Music (Arts/Humanities)
From United States Government and Politics (Political Science)

Step-by-Step Procedure
Turning the Data You Collect into Useful Information
Ideas for Adapting and Extending this CAT
References & Resources

What a great resource! CATs is available in the CETTL Library. To view our collection click here: CETTL Library