Classroom Video-Recording

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Classroom videotaping is a powerful tool to improve your teaching and also offers a way to document your improvement over time as a teacher-scholar. There are a couple of options for how to do this. We're here to help.

A popular progression for videorecording your teaching and then using the result to improve is to:

  1. Self-video the first time out, and using this instrument , watch the tape alone --- you don't show it to anybody. (CETTL has a consumer-grade, simple-to-use camera and a tripod you can check out to make the recording.) Using the self-assessment instrument in order to prompt you to watch for things you might not otherwise think to look for in your teaching, simply watch the recording and answer the questions on the instrument. (Here's a summary of the article  which appeared several years ago in a peer-reviewed journal in which the author grants permission for use of the instrument. Citation information is included in case you want to read the article yourself --- the UCO Library has the journal issue in its archives collection.)  This can be an informative, sometimes surprising, way to learn more about yourself as a teacher. It's also a way to affirm the things you do well but never had this kind of authentic assessment documentation to verify.
  2. The second stage is to do the same thing, but make an appointment at CETTL to meet with us ahead of the class session to get ideas on items you may wish to focus on in the class session you record. Then, bring the recording in for a follow-up consultation for input and feedback about the class session. You're always in the driver's seat, this is all confidential, and the information you learn about yourself as a teacher is great formative feedback to help you tweak the things you want to tweak in order to help your students better achieve learning outcomes in your course.

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