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Effectively helping students construct their own (accurate) understandings by connecting new information to their personal knowledge map.

Contemplative Pedagogy

Contemplative pedagogical techniques seek to re-connect the learner with inner self resources and focus for the purpose of improving learning, attention, and health, among other benefits.

Critical Thinking

Helping students develop the ability to think critically and to know when situations demand it.

Discussion Teaching

Discussion-based teaching strategies, including skillful question posing.

Flipped Classrooms

“Content acquisition” outside and before class; the magic of conceptual enlightenment inside class via student engagement with the material, peers, and the instructor.

Humor in Teaching

Leveraging humor in service to student learning.


Easing the transition on the first day of class.


Doing it well when you have to do it. (And knowing if you have to do it.)

Presentation Effectiveness

Effectively connecting with any audience, including students.

Small Groups in Teaching

Structuring the small-group learning experience for maximum effectiveness (and minimum griping).

Teaching Creativity

Resources to help you help your students be more creative.

Teaching Large Classes

Doing it well.

Team Teaching

Knowing when to do it, how to structure it, how to assess it.

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