Transformative Learning for Faculty

At the University of Central Oklahoma, we help students learn by providing transformative experiences so that they may become productive, creative, ethical and engaged citizens and leaders contributing to the intellectual, cultural, economic and social advancement of the communities they serve.

Transformative Learning is a holistic process that places students at the center of their own active and reflective learning experiences. We seek to engage students in transformative learning in six core areas: discipline knowledge; global and cultural competencies; health and wellness; leadership; research, creative and scholarly activities; and service learning and civic engagement. Their growth in these areas is measured on their academic transcript and on their Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR). Faculty understanding of TL is measured through the associated Faculty Learning Outcome in CETTL's 21st Century Pedagogy Institute.

When faculty and staff build transformative learning environments and activities --- whether inside or outside of the classroom --- students have the opportunity to develop the beyond-disciplinary skills and perspectives so important for success in the workplace and as members of local and global communities. Transformative Learning Resources, including the TL Guide linked below, provide more information about what TL is, does, and the benefits that accrue to students and faculty who engage in it.


Transformative Learning Guide

Check out the latest resources in the CETTL Transformative Learning Guide