About the Alumni Academy

The ELA experience doesn't have to end after you complete the program! We foster your continued development with a series of programs for our graduates with local, regional, and national experts to present on topics pertinent to leadership in education.

Not only will you enrich the development that began in your Academy experience, you also will expand your network of education professionals with each Alumni event you attend. The alumni sessions integrate all of the ELA academies providing the only venue in the state that brings all levels of educators together to discuss their ideas and learn from talented presenters, as well as, from each other.

Visit our NEWS & EVENTS page for upcoming alumni events!

Presenters at our alumni events have included:

  • Dan Goleman: author of Emotional Intelligence & Working with Emotional Intelligence
  • Linda Kaboolian: Harvard professor - "Creating Partnerships"
  • Dean Williams: Harvard professor - Heifetz's leadership work
  • Skip Meno: Dean, San Diego State University - "Striving for a seamless flow of education" and "Making a systemic difference"
  • Don Betz: Provost, UCO, Edmond, - "After September 11th"
  • Kent Lashley: NSU professor, Tahlequah, - "The Power of Paradigms"
  • Judge Robert H. Henry: U.s. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit - "the Shoulders of Giants"
  • Don Betz: Chancellor, UWRF, Wisconsin- River Falls - "Critical Challenges & Global Leadership"
  • Crystal Kuykendall: Educator, Author - "Strategies for Bringing our the Best in ALL Students"
  • Gerard Puccio: author of Creative Leadership
  • Ron Clark: Ron Clark Academy
  • Education Forum
  • Don Betz: President, UCO, Edmond, - "The Arab Spring and Beyond"