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Free access to and use of UCO email address at uco.edu, if so requested (must sign an email usage agreement;The UCO email account will be deleted (with no reinstatement) if there is no login within a 90 day period.


UCO Health Center services are available to emeritus faculty. These include regular medical care such as visits with a physician's assistant or nurse, x-ray and lab services, electronic health records and digital transfer of prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. The Center does not serve as a primary care facility. Medicare and supplemental health insurance are accepted. Walk-ins are permitted but appointments are preferred. For an appointment, call 974-3115. 

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The UCO Wellness Center is a multi-purpose facility serving the University of Central Oklahoma students, faculty, staff, retired faculty and their spouses. The facility includes an indoor walking track, exercise areas, free weights, lightweight fitness equipment and a variety of aerobic exercise machines including treadmills, stationary and recumbent bicycles, rowing machines, etc. Wellness Center memberships at a reduced rate (fee applies). Persons who use the Center must be at least 18 years old. Membership application forms may be secured from the Wellness Center business office on the second floor. A retired faculty I.D. or a letter from the Employment Services Department indicating that you are a UCO retiree is required for membership. The Wellness Center is open year round and is closed only during the times when the University is closed. Hours of operation are adjusted as needed including during the Christmas break and intercession times. See the website for a complete list of hours of operation at www.uco.edu/wellnesscenter. For more information, call 974-3150 or 974-3114.

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Interested in taking classes on campus? UCO's tuition waiver program to audit classes per policy ADM EMP 1Revision 1.2; retired faculty are required to apply as an Adult student initially and pay a one-time application fee of $40. Status must be changed to an Audit student at the front counter in Admissions/Enrollment Services to begin auditing UCO courses. Instructor approval is required and space must be available. Check the on-line UCO Schedule of Classes to see if any are of interest to you. For additional information on how to register, contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 974-3371.

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Anyone can use the electronic generalized and specialized data bases and resources. To check out materials, you will need a UCO Emeritus Faculty ID card. There is an on-line catalog of available library materials. For computer use assistance, go to the Reference Desk on the 1st floor north. Available library materials include books, periodicals, DVD and VHS movies and music CDs. Special sections include Children's Books (read to your grandchildren) and the Ruby Canton Collection of new, popular, current, less academic books. There is a very limited supply of large print books and books on tape. 

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Some of our emeritus faculty benefits and privileges can only be obtained with a UCO Emeritus Faculty I.D. card. If you don't have one, this is what you do to get one. Pick up an eligibility form from the Office of Employment Services, Room 204, 2nd floor, Administration Building. Take this form to the UCO I.D. Office on the first floor of the University Center. Your photo will be taken and your card will be produced.

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To obtain a free campus parking permit, take your Emeritus Faculty I.D. card and your car license tag number to the Parking Permit window on the 3rd floor of the University Center. 

  1. Retired faculty and staff permits allow the holder to park for free in all permit-required lots (regardless of type) and the Nigh University Center pay lot except in reserved parking spaces. With appropriate payment, retired faculty and staff are allowed to park in the pay station parking lots (lots 31 & 57).
  2.  Staff who retired from UCO are granted the same parking rights and the same parking permit as retired faculty. All retirees are given a gray "EMERITUS" parking permit upon their retirement after showing Transportation and Parking their retired Faculty/Staff ID. The parking permit is a window cling that has no expiration date. If it ever becomes non-sticky the individual can return the permit to the Transportation and Parking office for a free replacement. 
  3.  Over the years the permit wording was changed so there are some retirees who may have permits that say "RETIRED," "EMERITUS/ RETIRED," "EMERITUS" or some version of that.  Some may also have a small gray hanging tag instead of the window cling.  These all mean the same thing and can be used in the same way.