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Welcome to the University of Central Oklahoma!

We would be delighted to have you join the UCO learning community.  You are making serious choices about your future, and all of us at UCO are eager to assist you in meeting your educational objectives.  UCO's distinguished faculty and committed staff work tirelessly to enhance the quality of life and the quality of education that you experience here.

Our focus is to help you learn by providing transformative experiences. Here at UCO, on the Downtown UCO campus, and on our Bricktown campus, you have the opportunity to explore your interests and to develop and refine your lifelong learning skills and habits. UCO provides opportunities to develop your leadership abilities, support your research, creative and scholarly activities, foster your connections with the community and world and encourage self-awareness and a healthy lifestyle. These qualities will prepare you to become a productive, creative, ethical and engaged citizen and leader.

UCO is a community of caring teachers and learners striving each day to be more effective in serving the needs and aspirations of the faculty, staff, and most importantly, our students.  We sincerely hope that you will become a member of our dynamic educational institution as we purposefully shape its role in the coming century.  At UCO, learning, leadership and service are our passions.  We want them to be yours as well.

Empowered and inspired by the creative leadership of President Betz and his call for community, character and civility, the hundreds of dedicated faculty and staff, who are the life force of this university, openly and sincerely invite you to bring your dreams and aspirations for the future to UCO.  We are eager to match your commitment and persistence to achieve your goals with our expertise, vision, and a clear sense of service.  We are here for you.

Welcome to your future. Welcome to UCO!

Dr. John Barthell

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