Program Review

All academic programs must be reviewed as required by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) in Chapter 3 of the OSRHE Policy and Procedure Manual. At UCO, there are two approaches for conducting Academic Program Reviews, the SSCI and reviews conducted by Specialized Accrediting bodies.

SSCI: The Self Study for Continuous Improvement (SSCI, pronounced "skee") is the internal review process developed at UCO for academic departments to review and improve the academic programs under their management. Academic programs may select either the standard SSCI process or the Quality Benchmarks process.

Specialized Accreditation: In accordance with Academic Affairs Policy 4.3, programs for which external specialized accreditations exist may, with approval of their dean and the Provost, use the accrediting agency's self-study process in place of the internal SSCI process. Any additional UCO and OSRHE requirements that are not required in the self-study must be included in an accompanying executive summary.

In 2010-11, UCO implemented a program prioritization process that involved all academic programs and all institutional support programs. Following an initial prioritization process that reviewed all programs, the prioritization measures are now being integrated into current planning processes for both academic and support programs.