Institutional Effectiveness
The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is housed within the Division of Academic Affairs, although much of the data collection, analysis, and reporting that takes place within the office encompasses the entire institution. Every staff member within Institutional Effectiveness is dedicated to assisting UCO faculty and staff in meeting the university mission of helping students learn. We do this by working diligently to provide accurate and meaningful data and analysis of data, in addition to providing tools that will allow information to be presented in an understandable and useful way.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, the Office of Institutional Research, and the Office of Institutional Assessment are located in several offices on the first floor of the East end of Thatcher Hall.
Dr. Gary Steward
Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness
405-974-3514, Office: ADM 218,

Ms. Susan Hanny
Office Manager
Office: THH107

Institutional Research

Ms. Cindy Boling
Executive Director of Institutional Research
Office: THH102
Research Analyst II - Institutional Research
Office: THH106
Mr. William Scheideler
Research Analyst II - Institutional Research
Office: THH106

Jihee Hwang
Research Analyst II - Institutional Research
Office:  THH 106

Institutional Assessment
Dr. Cia Verschelden
Executive Director of Institutional Assessment 
Office: THH106
Ms. Heather Rabalais
Research Analyst II - Institutional Assessment
Office: THH106
Ms. Sarah Combs
Research Analyst II - Institutional Assessment
Office: THH106