HLC Reaccreditation Self Study Criteria Teams

Dr. Gayle Kearns, Associate Dean, College of Fine Arts and Design, Academic Affairs
Dr. Myron Pope, Vice President, Division of Enrollment Management

Criterion 1

Dr. Lori Beasley, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs
Dr. Mark Moore, Associate Vice President for Administrative Services

Dr. Ed Cunliff, Professor, Adult Education and Safety Science
Dr. Elaine Bartgis, Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Mr. Josh Overocker, Director, Housing and Dining
Dr. Mickey Hepner, Dean, College of Business
Ms. Karen Youngblood, Director, Leadership
Ms. Stephanie Edwards, Director, Information Technology Internet Strategies
Ms. Beth Adele, Director, Career Services
Dr. Marty Ludlum, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance
Dr. Trey Cone, Kinesiology and Health Studies
Mr. Glenn Freeman, Immigration/Activities Advisor, International Students

Criterion 2

Dr. Paulette Shreck, Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Luis Montes, Assistant Chair, Department of Chemistry

Mr. Cole Stanley, Assistant Vice President for Student Services
Ms. Patti Neuhold, Executive Director, Professional Education
Ms. Chelli Gentry, Director, Office of Assessment
Ms. Sonya Watkins, Director, Technology Resources
Dr. David Hartmann, Assoc. Professor, ISOM
Dr. Katherene Terrell, Professor/Chair, Accounting
Dr. Charles Cooper, Professor, Mathematics & Statistics
Dr. Darlinda Cassel, Asst. Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Dan Vincent, Asst. Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
Mr. Mark Rodolf, Director, Facilities (need to extend an invitation)
Ms. Lisa Harper, AVP, Finance/Administration

Criterion 3

Dr. Chuck Hughes
Dr. Donna Cobb

Dr. Brent Wendling,* Director, Faculty Enhancement Center
Ms Cindy Boling, Director, Office of Institutional Research
Dr. Rudi Nollert, Chair, Department of Modern Languages
Ms Ruki Ravikumar, Chair, Department of Design
Dr. David Bass, Professor, Department of Biology
Dr. Randall Ice, Chair, Department of Finance
Dr. Sunshine Cowan, Assistant Professor. Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies
Ms. Julie Byer, Executive Director, Academic Curriculum and Policy
Mr. Kevin Freeman, Assistant Vice President, Division of Administration and Finance
Dr. Jay Corwin, Associate Vice President, Division of Enrollment Management
Dr. Wendling retired from the university in 2011

Criterion 4

Dr. Gary Steward, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Dr. Kathryn Gage, Vice President of Student Affairs

Ms. Diane Feinberg, Director, Employee Relations
Dr. Dennis Dunham, Director, International Office
Dr. Ted Honea, Associate Professor, School of Music
Dr. Suzanne Clinton, Assistant Dean, College of Business
Mr. Bob Ault, Assistant to the Vice President, Division of Administration and Finance
Dr. Greg Wilson, Executive Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
Ms. Brenda Simpson, Research Assistant, College of Liberal Arts
Mr. William McCormick, Director, First Year Experience, Enrollment Management
Dr. Charlotte Simmons, Associate Dean, College of Mathematics and Science

Criterion 5

Dr. Bill Pink,* Associate Dean, College of Education and Professional Studies
Mr. Jarrett Jobe, Coordinator of Research and Special Projects, President's Office

Dr. Donna Kearns, Professor, Department of Psychology
Ms. Lyndsay Holder, Director, Volunteer Service Center
Dr. Linda Banks, Executive Director, Center for Professional and Distance Education
Dr. Patti Loughlin, Professor, Department of History and Geography
Mr. Chris Domanski, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre Arts
Ms. Amy Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Design
Mr. Charles Johnson, Vice President for University Relations
Ms. Anne Holzberlein, Vice President for Development
Dr. Pink accepted a position as Vice President of Academic Affairs at OSU-OKC in Jan 2012

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