Program Prioritization

In response to the potential budget shortfall in 2010-11 and afterward, the Program Prioritization Task Force was charged with establishing guidelines for prioritizing programs in all campus divisions should it be necessary to make program cuts. The task force held its first meeting on March 22, 2010 under the guidance of Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, Provost and Vice Chancellor from the University of Wisconsin Stout. The Task Force continued meeting approximately once per week through the end of July 2010. At that time, several recommendations were drafted and a draft report was developed. These were vetted in presentations before the academic department chairs, the Provost's Cabinet (including President Webb), the vice presidents, the faculty senate, several division meetings, and two campus wide forums. A number of changes were integrated into the final report as a result of these meetings. The final proposal was approved by the President and the Vice Presidents in early spring semester 2011.


Chuck Hughes Patti Neuhold

Task Force Members

Lori Beasley
Keith White
Donna Cobb
Richard Bernard
Charles Cooper
John Camey
Habib Tabatabai
MeShawn Conley
Kathryn Gage
Myron Pope
Gary Steward
Sonya Watkins
Gypsy Hogan
Cindy Boling

Program Prioritization Task Force Final Report

Program Scoring

The graph below shows a summary of scoring of all programs (academic and support). Results for each division were delivered to each division's vice president.

Program Priortization Scoring Results