2018-2019 CURB 


Kelsey Gaskin

Major: Psychology, College of Education and Professional Studies

Conferences: NCUR 2019 and Oklahoma Research Day 2019

Awards: RCSA 18-19

“I am currently doing research to validate pupillometry, the study of pupil dilation and constriction, as an objective measurement of perceived personal intensity.

This is an experience that has influenced how I see and interact with the world. You learn so much more by doing something you're interested in, than you do sitting in a classroom”


Beth Anderson

Major: Studio Art and History, College of Fine Arts and Design and College of Liberal Arts

Conferences: Oklahoma Research Day 2017, Oklahoma Research Day 2018, National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2017, National Conference on Undergraduate Research 2018, Phi Alpha Theta National Convention 2017, Phi Alpha Theta National Convention 2018, Institute of Historical Research in London 2016 and 2017, and Asian Studies Development Program 2018

Awards: RCSA Grant 2016-2017 / 2017-2018 / 2018-2019

"I compare the experiences and artwork between not only the men and women in Britain but also the work of their German counterparts during WWI and WWII. I also compare artwork of American artists in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. I also am looking into the lives of the Onna-Bugeisha (warrior women) in Japan and the differences of their lives compared to male samurai.

It has changed my life completely. At the beginning of my undergraduate career, I was only pursuing a future as an artist but with the persuasion of a faculty mentor, I went to London and for the Applied Research class and fell into the researching life."


Erin Yusko 

Major: Spanish, College of Liberal Arts

Minor: English and French, College of Liberal Arts

Conferences: UCO Language and Linguistics Student Conference (2017, 2018), National Conference on Undergraduate Research (2018), and UCO Transformative Learning Conference (2018)

Awards: Dr. Pamela Washington Scholarship for Liberal Arts Outstanding Sophomore, UCO Outstanding Spanish Student Award, and UCO President’s Honor Roll (5 semesters)


“My last research project looked at the influence of personality type (introversion or extroversion) on instructor-student pedagogical interactions in language classes, focusing on whether a match in personality type between an instructor and student facilitates more effective learning. Also, I am currently the research assistant for UCO’s Hispanic Success Initiative.

Undergraduate research has helped me deepen my passions for language and higher education while strengthening my abilities in leadership, creativity, networking, problem-solving, and speaking.”