2017-2018 CURB 

A portrait of Anna

Anna Dore, Chair

Major: English, College of Liberal Arts

Conferences: NCUR 2017, Memphis. PCA 2018, Indianapolis. NCUR 2018, Edmond. Shakespeare Symposium 2017, Utah. 

“I am currently researching the use of the cellphone as a symbolic device in contemporary female hip hop. I hope to present the scope of expressing power and vulnerability through music in the past two decades.

Undergraduate research has allowed me to find a passion for learning new things, as well as fostering meaningful relationship with my professors.”

A portrait of Jake

Jake Jones, Co-Chair

Major: Studio Art, New Media, College of Fine Art and Design

Conferences, Exhibitons, and Grants: NCUR 2016, 2017, 2018. ORD 2016, 2017. OVAC Momentum Ada 2017, OKC 2017. OVAC Symbiotic 2018. RCSA 2016-17, 2017-18

"I am exploring concepts of identity and community while utilizing techniques of experimental documentary filmmaking. My RCSA grant has allowed me to use Super 8mm film which is an amazing medium that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to use.

Undergraduate research opportunities got me out of working in the service industry, for which I will be forever grateful. The cliché is to say that undergraduate research is transformative but I think that is a perfect way to describe the effects of participating in research opportunities outside the classroom."

A portrait of Bre'Ana

Bre'Ana Byrd

Major: Psychology, College of Education & Professional Studies

Conferences and Grants: NCUR 2017, OKRD 2017, PURC 2017. RCSA Grant 2016-2017, 2017-2018. STLR Grant 2017

Marita B. Handley Outstanding Psychology Undergraduate Award – 2017

“I’m assessing individual differences in oxytocin levels to see if the intensity of oxytocin released is different during social interaction with people we are close with versus people that are strangers.

Research has solidified my decision to pursue research as a career and has helped me become a better student.”

A portrait of Bailey

Bailey Burns

Major: Kinesiology, Exercise and Fitness Management, College of Education and Professional Studies 

Presented at NCUR 2017 in Memphis: Visual performance

“Last spring I researched anxiety and I portrayed it in my own interpretation through a contemporary dance. Studing anxiety involved its affect on human action and thought

Research has helped me to learn more about mental illness and help my interest in student research to grow”

A portrait of Henry

Henry Huynh

Major: English Education, Liberal Arts

Conferences: UCO Symposium 2016, NCUR 2017, 2018. Internaitonal Gender and Sexuality Studies Conference 2017. South Central Modern Language 75th Regional Conference. Asian Studies Development Program National Conference 2018. Popular Culture Association National Conference 2018.                                                                          

“My research project examines the adoption and transformation of female-impersonating aesthetic of the legendary nandan Mei Lau fang by the artist Li Yugang. It argues that, despite their stylistic differences, both artist expanded the definition of the clan in peking opera, fulfilled the politicized role of cultural ambassadors – it shifted from the lao-sheng to the post-modern, category busting androgyny.

 Undergraduate research has challenged me to re-examine what I thought I knew about myself, helped me find my academic passion, and introduced me to a network of friends and professors without whose support I could never have grown as vigorously.”