Student RCSA Program Faculty Mentors

Information & Obligations

  1. The student-oriented research, creative, or scholarly activity must be outside of the typical/traditional classroom environment and separate and distinct from any required assignments associated with any course except for Irregular Enrollment (4930) or thesis hours (5990).
  2. Students are required to have a UCO faculty mentor for the duration of the RCSA Grant Project. 

  3. Assist students with the development of the research, creative, or scholarly activity plan and grant proposal.     
  4. Discuss expectations and policies regarding grading (if applicable) with students. If the student is enrolled in credit hours, faculty mentors are encouraged to use syllabi or research contracts to define the goals and expectations which will be used in end-of-semester grading.     

  5. If applicable, assist and insure that students gain approval from and adhere to all requirements of the UCO Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).     

  6. Meet with students throughout the research, creative, and/or scholarly experience and focus on the learning process by integrating scholarship and teaching; a minimum of one contact hour per week is strongly encouraged.    
  7. Direct laboratory, studio, clinical, or field experiences and play a role in student publications and presentations so that a final product is produced and the results are peer reviewed, critiqued, juried, judged, etc.     

  8. For tenure, promotion, or merit purposes, the Office of High-Impact Practices will provide a letter acknowledging your involvement as a faculty mentor in the UCO Student RCSA Program.

  9. For mentor and student changes to any part of the RCSA grant project, please contact the Office of High-Impact Practices prior to making changes. 

Faculty Compensation

Because Faculty are not currently compensated for serving as mentors for students engaged in Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activities (RCSA) projects outside of the traditional classroom, the Faculty Compensation Program hopes to provide some solution. We have two options, faculty can either bank hours or receive a stipend. Both options require that students enroll in a minimum of one credit hour of Independent Study (4930/5930) per semester with their faculty mentor serving as the instructor of record. Students will be granted tuition waiver funds to help cover the cost for enrolling in the Independent Study (4930/5930). There is no limit to the number of semesters a student can enroll in Independent Study (4930/5930).

Click here for details of the program and application form. Applications are due to the Office of High-Impact Practices by the end of the second week of each semester.