Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies

By integrating research, creative, and  scholarly activities with teaching, UCO is developing a model for undergraduate education. The campus has been identified as one of five such university models that helped to produce the guidelines for administering undergraduate research by the Council for Undergraduate Research. Indeed, as UCO continues to develop undergraduate research and creative activities, it supports an emerging national trend in higher education.

History of Undergraduate Research at UCO

In 1999 the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) began to establish a role for undergraduate scholarly activities through the program USCARE (Undergraduate Student Center for Advancement of Research and Education). It was centered in the Department of Sponsored Projects and Research under then Dean S. Narasinga Rao and subsequent activities now continue in the Office of High-Impact Practices. The development of undergraduate research on the UCO campus has benefited from a number of external funding programs. Read entire history...