Undergraduate Research Abroad (URA) Faculty Mentors

Requirements/Expectations of URA Grant Faculty Mentors

  1. Each application must have one UCO faculty mentor who will travel with the students.
  2. The faculty mentor should have demonstrated success in mentoring undergraduate researchers and/or have experience working with students outside of classroom teaching (e.g., traveling with students to conferences, lectures, or study tours).
  3. The faculty mentor should have worked with the student on the submission of the URA grant and should attest that the proposed student can represent in a professional manner UCO, the Office of High-Impact Practices, and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.
  4. Funded students and faculty mentors are required to present their research at Oklahoma Research Day and encouraged to submit their research to conferences and journals. An acknowledgement of the grant must appear in all presentations, posters, and publications resulting from the funded project.
  5. Funded students and faculty mentors are required to participate in the Undergraduate Research Abroad Showcase held each fall semester at UCO. The date and time of the showcase is to be arranged by OHIP.
  6. At the end of each semester (one calendar week before the last day of final exams) during the funding period, the grant recipients and faculty mentor must submit a brief description of the progress on the project. A photo should be included with the description showing the student and/or mentor’s involvement on the project. If documentation is not received by the deadline each semester the recipients may be ineligible for future disbursement of funding from the grant.