Thank You for Volunteering for NCUR 2018!

NCUR 2018 is the premier forum showcasing undergraduate student research and innovation. UCO will host approximately 4,500 student presenters, faculty research mentors and community members, representing national and international colleges and universities. Students selected through a competitive review process will share their research in their academic discipline as a scholarly poster, oral presentation, art exhibition or creative performance. NCUR is a unique opportunity to support and engage with a variety of bright and dedicated students with over 2500 volunteer opportunities!   There are over 20 different volunteer roles throughout the conference. You can find a list and description of each role in the volunteer sign-up ( Here are a few examples of potential volunteer roles: Attendants, Greeters, Event Assistants, Moderators, Meal Assistants, Runners, and more!

If you have any questions, email at

The Official NCUR 2018 Webpage

Learn everything about the conference at the official NCUR 2018 Website:  Information includes:

  • Shuttle schedules
  • Session Information
  • Presentation Locations
  • FAQs for attendees
  • ...and more.

The Official NCUR 2018 Conference App

Attendees will navigate the conference via the NCUR 2018 Conference App. This app will be constantly updated throughout the conference and will be the most up to date source of information. The app will also include a volunteer hub with useful information when you are out and about during the conference. Available for iPhone and Android. 

Volunteer Role Training Sheets

Please select the relevant link below for the role(s) in which you’ll be serving. The training sheets provided will tell you the goals of the position, dress code, frequently asked questions and more. Also, check out the volunteer map to find where to park to check-in prior to your shift at the Volunteer Hub in the Nigh University Center.


Attendant: Info Tent

Attendant: Registration

Attendant: Table

Attendant: Volunteer Hub

Event Assistance & Setup

Event Assistant: Graduate School Fair

Event Setup: Graduate School Fair

Event Setup: Poster Presentations 


Greeter: Building

Greeter: Shuttle Dropoff

Meal Assistant



Moderator: Pre-Conference

Presentation Assistants

Presentation Assistant

Presentation Assistant: Pre-Conference

Presentation Assistant: Poster Session


Post-Conference Beautification


Transportation Assistant

Bag Assembly

Volunteer FAQs 

I am a UCO employee, will my office be closed or will I have to take time off to volunteer?

  • Campus offices will NOT be closed during NCUR. If a UCO employee volunteers outside of their normal work hours, the time is not required to be reported or approved. However, employees are asked to volunteer in roles that are not related to their normal work duties. 
  • UCO employees who volunteer during their normal work hours must obtain approval from their supervisor prior to registering for any volunteer opportunities. Those with supervisor approval will not be required to use leave to volunteer during NCUR 2018. 

Can I volunteer if I am under 18 years old?

  • All volunteers must be above the age of 18.

How many positions and/or time slots can I sign up for?

  • Sign up for as many positions and time blocks as you would like, but make sure that the shifts you sign up for do not overlap. Each time block is 2-3 hours, so just make sure that you allow for plenty of time to transition into each role you selected.

When it is the day of my shift, do I need to check in somewhere or go straight to my station?

  • There will be a volunteer hub located in the Nigh University Center room 202. For every shift you sign up for, you will need to arrive 15 minutes early to check-in and get any last minute information/training. The only exception to this process is the off-site volunteer positions. If you are an off-site volunteer, you will check-in with the volunteer hub 15 minutes early via phone call. We will send out this phone number in an email as the conference approaches.

If I am an off-site volunteer, will I be reimbursed for travel?

  • Yes. Off-site volunteers will receive a form to fill out in order to be reimbursed for the miles they travel.

What is the dress code for volunteers?

  • When you check-in to the Volunteer Hub, you will receive a light blue volunteer t-shirt and your official name tag. With the t-shirt, wear whatever is appropriate for your role (pants, skirts, shorts, nothing with holes, etc.). Remember that you are going to be a welcoming face of NCUR 2018.

What if I get hungry when I am serving as a volunteer?

  • When you check in at the Volunteer Hub, you will receive an official nametag that will serve as a meal ticket. If you are volunteering at a time slot close to a mealtime, you will have the opportunity to eat before or after your volunteer shift. Make sure you do not eat during your shift—we will need your help and full attention at your station.

Will I need to be trained for my volunteer role?

  • About a week before your volunteer shift, we will be sending out a training video and some specific instructions for your position. Whenever you check-in at the Volunteer Hub 15 minutes before your shift, any last information that you need will be provided to you. 

What if I cannot make my volunteer shift?

  • If possible, we would like you to let us know as soon as possible if you cannot make one of your time blocks. The quicker you tell us, the better chance we have to fill that volunteer spot! Simply email with any schedule changing needs. If something last minute comes up, then you can simply call the Volunteer Hub to let us know.

What if I have follow-up questions?