Informed Consent

Guidelines (pdf)

Informed consent is an essential part of the design of every research project involving human subjects. Researchers who involve human subjects in their research have both an ethical and legal obligation to secure the informed consent of the potential research subjects prior to initiation of the research. When feasible, participants should be given a copy of the Informed Consent Form after giving consent.

You may compose your own consent form but it should contain all of the elements contained in the following template:

Informed Consent Form Template


Informed Consent for Research Involving Children

For research involving legal minors, separate age-appropriate assent forms for minors and consent forms for parents/guardians are required. You may compose your own assent/consent forms or use the following templates:

Assent Form for Younger Children (Elementary School Aged)

Assent Form for Older Children (Junior High/High School Aged)

Parental Consent Form