Education and Training - In-Class Activities

In-class Activities

Some classroom exercises do not meet the definition of research and do not fall under the auspices of the UCO IRB.  These include in-class activities where 1) the students use each other as subjects, 2) the intent is for educational purposes only and not to add new or expanded knowledge, 3) where the results will not be made public outside the classroom, AND 4) there is minimal risk.  These should be projects already developed by the instructor. 

When the data are collected from students in class there could still be potential privacy issues, so students should be instructed about the protecting the confidentiality of human subjects’ data.  Information should be included in the syllabus specifying what the expectations for students are and instructors should be sensitive to potential issues that might arise and have a contingency plan in place.  Feel free to discuss these issues with the IRB chair. 

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