Independent Study Projects and Research, Scholarly, & Creative Activities (RCSA) Grant Projects

Independent Study Projects and Research, Scholarly, & Creative Activities (RCSA) Grants

All research at UCO that involves human subjects, including undergraduate and graduate student projects, are required to obtain Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval prior to beginning the research (see IRB Application webpage for instructions and form).  IRB approval is required regardless of whether the activity is funded or not.  Failure to obtain IRB approval prior to beginning data collection could jeopardize your data, prevent you from publishing the results, and place the university and yourself in violation of federal regulations which could imperil all federal funding to the university.

All students will need a Faculty mentor as a Co-PI on the IRB application.  The faculty mentor must review and approve the IRB application and assume responsibility for the protections specified in the application. 

Beginning October 1, 2008, all researchers including students will be required to complete on-line Protecting Human Research Participant (PHRP) training before IRB approval for the project will be granted.  Copies of the certificate for all project personnel should accompany the IRB application. 

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