Grant Submission ProceduresORSP Grant Submission Flowchart

Writing external grants and routing the grant proposal can seem daunting, but the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs is here to help the Principal Investigator/Program Director navigate through the system. Here is a short overview of the grant development and submission procedures at UCO. These procedures apply to both regular awards and sub-awards. The Routing Process should be initiated for any grant or contract which will involve the transfer of money to UCO, the use of any infrastructure on campus, or the compensation of any UCO employee. This provides the Principal Investigator/ Project Director the opportunity to inform the appropriate entities on campus of any necessary classroom allocations, additional pay provided to UCO employees, contract stipulations, or additional UCO resources necessary to complete the project.

When the Principal Investigator/Program Director (PI/PD) has an idea for a grant, the PI/PD should:

The ORSP will provide a copy of the Intent to Submit Worksheet to the Office of Grants & Contracts and will communicate with the grant facilitator, liaison, or grant writer to ensure PI/PD receives support throughout the grant writing process.

The PI/PD is highly encouraged to work with their corresponding grant facilitator, liaison, or ORSP grant writer to ensure compliance with the agency guidelines as the proposal and budget are developed.

At least ten working days before the submission date, PI/PD should complete an External Grant Proposal Routing Form.

  1. The PI/PD should ensure that External Grant Proposal Routing has been initiated and at ORSP at least ten working days before the submission using Cayuse 424. Make sure you allow enough time for the Chair and Dean to sign before it gets to ORSP.
  2. For External Grant Proposal Routing, the PI/PD will need to complete the Summary page and attach the abstract, the proposed budget (Excel doc), and budget justification (Word doc) in the Supporting Documents page in Cayuse 424.
  3. External Routing requires approvals (checked boxes in Cayuse 424) from the Department Chair/Supervisor, Dean of College/Director and V.P. of Division if the PI/PD is not within Academic Affairs.
  4. ORSP will forward to the Office of Grants & Contracts (OG&C) to review and approve the budget. OG&C will contact the PI/PD to request changes needed to budget.
  5. If the project will require IT support or use of the UCO server, ORSP will forward it to V.P. for Information Technology. This can add 2 days to the approval process.
  6. If the project will require matching funds from the UCO Foundation, ORSP will forward it to the V.P. for Development (allow 2 extra days to approval process).
  7. ORSP will review the proposal for IRB & IACUC compliance, will approve, and will forward to the Provost and the V.P. of Academic Affairs.
  8. The Provost and the V.P. of Academic Affairs will review, approve, and return the proposal to ORSP.
  9. ORSP will inform the PI/PD regarding any issues relating to the proposal. If no issues are identified, ORSP will inform PI/PD that proposal is ready to submit. ORSP will work with the PI/PD to submit the grant proposal to the funding agency. The ORSP serves as the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) for the institution and makes all submissions.