Indirect Cost Breakdown

Indirect Costs, also referred to as Facilities & Administration (F&A) costs, can be collected by the University of Central Oklahoma for certain grant opportunities, mostly for federal grants.  Indirect Costs are overhead cost that cannot be directly allocated to a grant or instructional activity.  These costs may include departmental / college administrative support, utilities, space, etc.  Once reimbursed, the funds can replace E&G funds that were used for these expenses. 

Reimbursed indirect costs to the University of Central Oklahoma are reallocated as follows:

  • 20% E&G Funds
  • 20% ORSP
  • 30% College Dean/Division
  • 30 % Principal Investigator / Program Director

Out of the 30 percent allocated to the Principal Investigator / Program Director, the funds may be used for university-related activities and must adhere to University purchasing policies, including but not limited to, equipment purchases. 

For example, equipment purchases such as a computer for a Principal Investigator / Program Director using indirect costs funds can be made by contacting the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs.  Please note that the computer is still the University’s property and not the personal property of the faculty or staff because the purchase is being made with University funds.