Faculty On-Campus Grant Program

The purpose of the On-Campus Faculty Grant Program is to encourage a continuum of research, creative, and scholarly activities by faculty at UCO. The intent of this program is to provide funding for faculty members to develop research projects with internal funds and then complete or expand the project with funds obtained from an external granting agency (federal, state, private corporation, etc.).

All proposals will be peer-reviewed by external evaluators (non-UCO faculty and employees) with knowledge in the discipline of each proposal. For an example of the criteria that will be used by reviewers to evaluate your proposal, please click on the following link: Example of External Evaluation Sheet.

The Research Advisory Council (RAC) assists in the funding recommendation process.

Depending on the type of grant, funds can be used to support replacement time during the Fall or Spring semester from one course (up to 4 hours per academic year) for the Principal Investigator (PI). The replacement time is intended to allow the PI the freedom and time to conduct and manage the research project. An individual may be the PI on only one proposal per year and can only apply for up to one FTE Research Assistant; there are no restrictions on the number of proposals for which a person may serve as a Co-PI. 

There are budgetary restrictions to items that can be purchased with funds from on-campus grant funds.  Please contact ORSP ( X 3492) if you have questions regarding allowable expenditures.

To see general information regarding each type of grant or obtain an application form, please click on the name of the grant on the menu to your left.