Student Research

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) purposefully uses the broadest possible definition of the word "research" and as shorthand for the more inclusive expression, "research, creative and scholarly activity." While the ORSP encourages and supports research, creative and scholarly activities across the UCO campus, it is especially encouraging and supportive when students (both graduate and undergraduate) are involved.

The link between research activities and student success is strong and well-known. The goals of teaching and research are not mutually exclusive ones. Research enhances critical thinking skills and provides hands-on experience for students entering the job market or advanced degree programs. When involved in research, creative and scholarly activities, students enjoy positive, life-changing relationships with Faculty Mentors. Though historically relegated to graduate programs, the integration of creative activities with classroom activities is gaining recognition for its importance in undergraduate education.

The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs coordinates and administers a variety of opportunities for students to be involved in research, creative and scholarly activities.

Student Research, Creative, & Scholarly Activities Grant Program

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