Faculty RCSA Presentation Grant (up to $500)


Funds for the 2018-2019 academic year will be available through June 30, 2019 while funds are available.  Should you have any questions please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. 

~Faculty Only Click here for Application  Faculty please use this application when applying for your RCSA Presentation Grant Application. Faculty, if you have questions, please call the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs at 974-3492.

~Students Only
Please contact the Office of High Impact Practices at 974-5086 or ohip@uco.edu for more information, or click Here for application.

The following are the requirements of this grant program:

  • This grant program is intended as air travel support for presentations and not for conducting research or attending conferences.

  • Faculty may apply at any time and will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis while funds are available.  Faculty can receive only one award per academic year.

  • Please note that funding is available to first authors only. If a student is the first author, the presentation grant will fund one Faculty member to attend in conjunction with the student.

  • Airfare must be a direct purchase by the University with tickets booked through the Travel Office. All other bookings will be denied.

  • Travel presentation grants are provided for research completed at UCO.

  • As a part of your award, it is required to register your project with the Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activity (RCSA) Central Showcase website

  • Faculty must have, in hand, a written acceptance for them to formally present some type of research, creative or scholarly activity in a legitimate venue.

  • The faculty member must commit to submitting an abstract/poster and participating in Oklahoma Research Day upon which the support of the ORSP is acknowledged.

  • The maximum approved request will be up to $500 which must be used for air travel only during the current academic year.

  • Submit the RCSA Faculty Presentation Grant Application Form.

***New UCO Travel Agent***

Effective July 27, 2018, UCO's travel agent will change from Ethel's Travel Haus to Travel Incorporated.  UCO travelers should contact Travel Incorporated to request airfare quotes using the below steps:

  1. Continue to research flight availability and pricing via normal means - Expedia, Travelocity, etc.;
  2. Contact Travel Incorporated by phone or email for an airfare quote:  800-237-1248, Tampa@travelinc.com;
  3. Once the quote is received from Travel Incorporated, the process to purchase the ticket will remain the same via UCO Travel Office.  The Travel Incorporated ticketing fee is $20.00.  All other travel policies remain the same.

This change is the first step in UCO's transition to a new travel and expense management system, SAP Concur.  SAP Concur is a worldwide travel company that already serves many higher education clients in Oklahoma and throughout the country.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.  Contact the UCO Travel Office at 974-2492 with any questions.



Additional Information: The RCSA Presentation Grant Program supports air travel for faculty or students to present their research, creative & scholarly activities at professional meetings and conferences.
PDF: 2012-13 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Faculty
PDF: 2012-13 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Student
PDF: 2013-14 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Faculty
PDF: 2013-14 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Student
PDF: 2014-15 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Faculty
PDF: 2014-15 RCSA Travel Presentation Grant Program: Student


If the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (ORSP) can be of further assistance to you and your research, please do not hesitate to contact us

The OR&G has awarded all funds for the 2014 Faculty and Student RCSA Presentation Grant Program.
Please be sure to visit our website in July 2014 for the next round of applications.