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Supplemental Instruction at UCO

Welcome to the Broncho Education and Learning Lab’s (BELL), formerly Tutoring Central (TC), Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program at the University of Central Oklahoma. We are thrilled that you have expressed an interest in learning more about the SI Program.

Students modelling a study session


  • Provides out-of-class, peer-facilitated review sessions at no additional cost to currently enrolled students.
  • Is designed to increase student retention and success in courses that have been proven to be historically difficult for UCO students. In order for a course to qualify as being “historically difficult,” it must have a DFW rate of 30% or above in the last five-year period. Courses falling below this criteria are not qualified to have a Supplemental Instruction Learning Facilitator (SI).
  • Is not remedial; rather it provides a learning enhancement designed to organize and improve the ways in which students prepare for class outside of class by combining “what to learn” with “how to learn.”
  • Is aimed at how to approach homework and exam questions by guided examples; it is not meant to be a place to do specific homework or exam questions.
  • Has shown that, on average, students that frequently attend, and actively participate in, SI sessions tend to perform better on exams than students that do not attend and actively participate.
  • Is targeted to all enrolled students in the SI-served course; everyone is highly encouraged to attend.
  • Has shown that students are able to boost their overall course grade by half of a letter grade to a full letter grade.

To view courses currently served by BELL SIs, please click here.

EMPLOYMENT AS AN SI: In order to be considered for hire as an SI at the BELL: 

  • A final grade of “A” must be earned in the course for which a student wishes to SI.
  • A Faculty Request Form (FRF) is to be submitted to the SI Program at si@uco.edu. Once received, the student will be prompted to apply for employment. Note: The submission of an FRF does not guarantee an SI for the course. Note: Instructors have the option to select more than one SI candidate; however, only one may serve as an SI for the particular course.

The deadline for submitting FRFs for the upcoming term is the Friday following Finals Week of the current semester.

For further information about the SI Program or how to become an SI, contact us at si@uco.edu.