Tutoring Central Guidelines 

For registration and scheduling: tc.uco.edu
Or contact: TC@uco.edu or (405) 974-2487

No Quick Fixes:  It may require more than one or two sessions to fully help you with the course material. Coming in the day an assignment is due or the day of a test may not allow enough time to fully learn the subject material, so plan ahead.

Tests and Quizzes: While we can help with test review sheets, we do not help with take-home tests or quizzes per UCO's Code of Conduct (link to Code of Conduct: http://www.uco.edu/student-affairs/conduct/forms-and-publications/index.asp). Also, we do not help with test prep for the GRE, TOFEL, etc., as our tutors may not have taken the test in question.

Be Prepared: Decide what you want the tutor to focus on prior to your appointment time, and be clear about the assignment and instructions from your teacher. Bring all materials related to the course or assignment, such as your textbook, assignment sheet, homework, etc. Papers should be printed before the appointment; the TC will not print your paper for you.

Session Length: Appointments are either thirty (30) or sixty (60) minutes long, and you are allowed to book two (2) hours per week. Write down your appointment and arrive on time, as lost time will not be made up if you come in late.

Missed Sessions:  If you are more than ten minutes late without alerting your tutor, you will lose your appointment time, so call or email if you must miss or come in late. After two no-show appointments, you will be locked out of the system and unable to schedule appointments. To be reinstated, you will need to submit a 250-word essay explaining why you did not follow the no-show agreement and your understanding of the policy for review by TC staff.

Check In: Clients must check in at the front desk before their appointment. Otherwise, they will be marked as a no-show.

Group Work: If you come in with a group project, tutors may only help you with your part of the assignment, as we are not allowed to give you feedback on someone else’s work. If the entire group comes to the appointment, however, a tutor can help the group with the project as a whole.

Cooperation: This service is provided to help students improve their knowledge and abilities in order to succeed in classes and academic life. If someone refuses to participate and/or becomes belligerent or uncooperative, tutors have the right to suspend a session early if they feel the session is becoming unproductive.

Final Work: Working with a TC tutor does not guarantee you will receive the desired grade. Tutors are here to facilitate your learning of the material in question, not to check your homework, line edit a paper, or guarantee a grade. While tutors are skilled and knowledgeable, you are ultimately responsible for your work and your grade.