Progress Toward a New Budget Model


At this time, all active work toward a revision of our current budget model or the adoption of a new budget model has been suspended.  A number of factors have contributed to this: membership in the University Planning Council (UPC) is changing significantly, UPC governance has changed and the UPC's governance procedures are being revised.  No new efforts will be dedicated to this matter until these aforementioned issues have been resolved.  We look forward to taking up this conversation again this fiscal year and sharing updates throughout.

The University has decided to explore a responsibility center management (RCM) budget model framework and develop a proposal for customizing this framework in a way that will support the strategic goals set out in our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan.  We invite you to be a part of this development process through shared readings on our website, personal and group conversations, and the productive exchange of thought. 

As part of our communication plan, Associate Vice President of Planning & Budget, Patti Neuhold began sharing information with campus groups about this proposed direction this summer.  Continued conversation throughout the year will be encouraged as feedback from our campus community will be excogitated for incorporation.  We invite you to read the summary document linked below and either schedule a visit from Patti for your group or take advantage of an open session coming this Spring.

Matching Form with Function:  Re-centering our academic mission into our budgetary operations