Architectural & Engineering Services


Architectural and Engineering Services (A&E) provides professional and administrative services required to manage and direct the planning, design, construction and development of physical facilities at the University of Central Oklahoma.

UCO policy document ADM-PHY-2 outlines the official duties and responsibilities of A&E.

Learn More: A&E will be glad to provide information and conduct training sessions on the Capital Projects process, as well as assistance with the Consult Request and Authorization to Proceed procedures. Please contact David G. Stapleton to schedule times.



Services are provided by staff or through the use of professional and technical staff and consultants in the areas of campus planning, architectural design, engineering services, landscape design, construction administration, and project coordination for all major capital improvements (normally projects which cost more than $25,000), minor renovations or improvements (under $25,000), space analysis, and building and property inventory management.

A&E can offer expert advice, initial designs, and estimates for large or small projects. We will be glad to provide assistance. Please call.

UCO's new Mitchell Education Center, completed June 2017.