Active Projects (revised 7/27/2015) 

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College of Education
College of Fine Arts & Design
College of Math and Science
College of Liberal Arts
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A&E Services:

College of Business:

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College of Education:

  • Education Room 213A - Rearrange existing and order new furniture to accommodate user needs.

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College of Fine Art & Design:

  • Mitchell Hall Backstage Facility - Elliot has completed the schematic design.
  • Art Building Master Planning - Engineering proposal received to evaluate heating/cooling systems throughout the building. Working with the college to identify needs and priorities.
  • Mitchell Hall Dimmers - Dimmer installation timeline to be determined by CFAD.
  • Music Building, Faculty Lounge - Design information provided to the department for their use. Renovation work to be performed by Physical Plant: July 2014.

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College of Math & Science: 

  • Howell Hall, Labs 310 & 315 - Scope of Work: Remodel of Labs. Work in labs 315 and 310 will take place during summer and fall of 2014, respectively. Project Budget: $260,000. Casework needs to be ordered. Construction is underway; 315 is complete and 310 is underway.

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College of Liberal Arts: 

  • Pegasus Theater Phase I - The scope of work includes renovation of existing theater and addition of support space. Consultant selection is underway. Project Budget: $2,500,000.

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Construction Projects:

  • Boathouse - Construction underway, all permits are in place. Scheduled completion is late March 2015. Project Budget is $6,836,00. 
  • Mitchell Hall - See College of Fine Arts and Design notes.
  • Pegasus Theater - See College of Liberal Arts notes.
  • ME Building - Lease negotiations underway.
  • Housing - Building structural frame is nearing completion.
    • The current construction contract amount is $22,814,221 based upon the Base Bid plus Change Orders #1 and 2.
    • Flintco is focused on finishing structural concrete work:  third floor roof/fourth floor.
    • Concrete work will be completed in the next two weeks and those crews will begin leaving the site.
    • Exterior wall framing has begun and interior wall framing to begin soon. 
    • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems installation has begun.
    • Hydronic underground chilled water and hot water piping infrastructure to Central Plant loop will start soon.
    • Additional proposals are under consideration for modifications to the scope of work and Charge Order #3 is in progress.
    • The overall project schedule still indicates work to be completed June 15, 2015.
  • Old North Restoration Phase III - Seismic study and design are underway.
    • Project Architect:  Miles Associates, Inc.
    • Construction Manager at Risk:  CMS Willowbrook (CMSW)
    • Total project budget:  $7 to 8 million. 
    • Project schedule:
      • 100% Design Development Documents:  August 2014 (Received)
      • Early Site Package:  October 2014 - January 2015
      • 50% Contract Documents:  November 2014
      • 95% Contract Documents:  December 2014
      • Hard Cost Pricing from CMSW:  December 2014
      • 100% Contract Documents & Bidding:  January 2015
      • Intent to achieve Substantial Completion of construction for 125th UCO Anniversary celebrations late December 2015.
      • Final Completion of construction is anticipated late February 2016.
  • Met with Structural Engineer to discuss Seismic studies -
    • $+-30K for ZFI to do a walk thru of 10 buildings most at risk. A PO has been issued for a seismic study to include: Old North, Evans Hall, Thatcher Hall, Wantland Hall, Mitchell Hall, Nigh University Center (north building), Chambers Library (south building), Liberal Arts building, HES building, and ACM@UCO (in Oklahoma City). This is visual assessment, classification, and report is scheduled to be completed by the end of July.
    • This review can establish a baseline of information for future reference.
    • Will require 6-8 months for receipt of final reports.
    • UCO PP/AES will continue evaluation of the remaining campus buildings over the coming FY.
    • Buildings will not meet codes and Institution will have to determine how to respond to the report data.
  • Softball Phase II - Sparks & Reed in design phase.  Construction scheduled to begin after 2015 season.
  • Athletics Master Plan Projects - Sparks & Reed to provide final draft in October of 2014.

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Capital Projects:

  • Central Plant - Investigating with JCI for options to Central Plant improvements. Preparation of cost proposals for Performance Contracts for Housing Commons and Controls installation to new Housing.
  • JCI is preparing cost proposals for a new satellite chiller plant to serve the SW section of campus as an option to a 4th chiller at Central Plant.
  • Proposals are being generated to place individual utility meters on each building. This will enable to accurately track energy consumption.

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Physical Plant:

  • Administration Building -

    • Repair exterior privacy wall – Repairs and repointing are 95% complete. Clean-up is underway. Sign to be installed in original location.
    • Replace carpet in room 211A with carpet tiles. Project starts July 23-24.
    • Add tinted film to Legal office door and IT windows, room 101.
    • Remove delaminated window film from office area 228.
  • Art & design -

    • Seal electrical vault outside building to prevent water entering through the conduit into the disconnect panel. 50% complete.
    • Work with EH&S to remove sheetrock in basement damaged by water entry into building. 50% complete.
    • Work with A&E and EH&S on consult request to move sink from breakroom and convert breakroom into office space.
    • Install commercial track lighting in corridors. 75% complete.
    • Pending RFP from KBR to water-seal N.E. exterior 3’ foot below grade wall and evaluate French drain. Repair/replace as needed. Water entering through brick wall.
    • WFF working restorative floor care to classrooms and corridors. 50% complete.
    • Electrical shop working proposal to repair wheelchair lift. 25% complete.
    • Carpentry and plumbing shop replacing male and female restroom countertop and sink basins. 10% complete.
  • Broncho Lake -
    • Replace concrete stairs and nosings E. of lake by Thatcher and repaint handrails. 50% complete.  

  • Chambers Library -

    • Convert the existing lights to LED lights. Project to be completed over the next four years.  Archives area complete.
    • Replace stairtreads and landings – Remove existing stairtreads and VCT landings and replace with new rubber treads and landings. 90% Complete.
    • Repair column ledges and paint top of W. ledges with a dust-resisting finish coat. 95% Complete.  Seal exterior joints to prevent water intrusion – Project Canceled.
    • Sand and paint the main staircase handrails – Project Canceled – Quote provided by Miller Painting.
    • Replace carpet in CHL 002, 002A, 002B, 003. Estimate provided. Project pending.
    • Replace carpet in CHL006. Estimate provided. Project pending. Weavers looms need to be moved. 
  • Communications --
    • Replace carpet in 103C.  Estimate provided. Project pending.

  • Coyner -

    • Repair and paint exterior retaining walls – 95% Complete.
    • Carpentry shop sealing concrete joints at building’s entrance. 50% Complete.
    • Ceramic tile cleaning – Cleaning and sealing grout in bathrooms. 75% Complete.
    • Hallway VCT strip & wax– Stripping and waxing corridors.  75% Complete.
  • CTL -
    • Replace carpet in room 120.  Project Canceled.

  • Education Building -
    • Replace tile floors on the 2nd and 3rd floor – On Hold??

  • Evans Hall --
    • Painting exterior N. and S. entrances. 

  • E&G Buildings-
    • Replace all interior and exterior entrance mats. Pending PO. Quote provided by Cintas and SW Paper. 

  • FSI -
    • Repair and paint columns. 50% Complete. Waiting on manufacturer data sheet to complete.

  • Hamilton Field House - 

    • Reroof lower roof on S.E. side of building. Project Pending. Low bid provided by OK Roofing.
    • Safety railing being installed on upper level, over stairs to prevent falls and injuries. Fabrication stage. 50% Complete.
  • HES -

    • Removing soundboard/installing wall - Tearing a wall out and replacing with metal studs and sheetrock in 2nd floor hallway  75% complete
    • Window glazing. Projected canceled. ACM material.
  • Howell Hall - 

    • Replace tan stairtreads on center, west, and east sides of old HOH. 75% Complete.
    • Replace green stairtreads on south side of HOH.  Project Pending. Quote provided by Bryan’s Flooring.
    • Roof access ladder.  Project Pending. Quote provided by KBR.
    • Upper brick wall repairs. Scope of work being developed by KBR.
    • Seal floor openings on the second floor. Active Project. Assessment stage. 25% Complete.
  • HFH - 
    • Install new safety railingInstall safety railing on the upstairs bleachers above the lower staircase. This is to prevent falls and injuries. Active Projectwork being done by KBR. Oversight by the Physical Plant.
  • HP&E -
    • White Boards – Replacing three classroom white boards on first floor in HP&E. Active Project - work being done by UCO Carpentry Shop. Oversight by the Physical Plant.  50% complete

  • Jazz Lab -
    • Repair and refurbish false balconiesRepair and refurbish EIFS. Paint seal to prevent future water infiltration. Active Project work being done by KBR. Oversight by the Physical Plant.
  • Liberal Arts -

    • Replace ceiling tile, lights, flooring, and painting in LAR 130, 132, 136 and 138. 95% Complete
    • White Boards - Replacing seven classroom white boards on first and second floor in LAR. 75% Complete.
    • Remediating carpet in Pegasus Theater damaged by July storms. 50% Complete.

  • Math and Computer Science - 
    • Remove old glazing and reseal windows. Project Pending. Quote provided by Glascon.

  • Mitchell Hall - 

    • Refurbish marquee sign by tuck pointing brick, restoring the concrete cap, and installing a new sign insert. New LED lights to be installed. 90% Complete.
    • Reconstructing entry reception area - Building walls for the new entrance area. Project on hold

  • Physical Plant - 

    • Paint exterior of building and retaining wall repairs. Project Pending. Quote provided by Miller’s Painting and ATC.
    • Window replacement. Project Pending. Quote provided by Glascon.
    • Roof replacement. Project Pending. Bids received.
    • Install new safety hand railing at loading dock. In fabrication. 25% Complete.
  • Music Building -

    • Replace large multi-station sink- Replace the sinks in the first floor. Men's and Women's Restrooms with more efficient fixtures.  80% complete
    • Repair retaining wall. Project Pending.
    • Replace AC unit on mobile home and service units at lab. Contractor to evaluate this week.

  • Sports and Recreation Fields - 
    • Baseball Field- The outfield fence was to be replaced and painted.  50% complete

  • Thatcher Hall-

    • Replace exterior wall packs. Project Pending.
    • Replace third floor carpeting. Project Pending. Quote provided by Darrell’s Flooring. 
  • Wantland Hall -
    • Refinish the wooden playing surface – This is an annual project. Work to be complete this summer. 

  • Wellness Center -
    • Replace carpet in room 216- Funded by the Physical Plant. Work scheduled for September at the request of the Wellness Center.  

  • Sports and Recreation Fields -
    • Baseball Field- The outfield fence was to be replaced this summer with shared funds. Work in progress.
  • Y-Chapel

    • Tuck-point & remove masonry efflorescence. 25% Complete.
    • Glaze and solder stain glass windows. Project Pending. Quote being provided by KBR. 
  • Campus -

    • Clock System - RUSO Board approved project. Final numbers are being put together. Project Pending.
    • Post and chain installation – Area selection and amount pending.
    • Paint Central Plant storage tank – Project Pending – Quote provided by ATC.
    • Painting fire hydrants – City of Edmond to repaint all fire hydrants throughout campus. 25% Complete.
    • Recycle program – Purchase of 4 ea. recycle trailers to make the program profitable. Receiving trailers end of July. Working with University Relations to create signs for the trailers to support student activity programs on campus.
    • Window and power washing RFP – Purchasing is bidding. Contract Pending.
    • Transformers – Level transformers across campus by foam injection – Project Canceled – Quote pending from Eden’s Structural Solutions.
    • Parking lot 6 – Curb repairs. Turned over to TPS. 
    • Sod estimate provided to Angela Eversgerd to repair damages from Telco construction activities. Physical Plant will oversee project.
    • New concrete walkways being poured W. of Business. 75% complete.
    • Installation of 11 new sidewalk lights and banners.