Upcoming Projects (revised 10/01/2014) 

College of Business
College of Education
College of Fine Arts & Design
College of Math and Science
College of Liberal Arts
Capital Projects
College of Business: 
  • Student Advisor Suite- Divide existing space to accommodate offices. Construction will start early July. Project budget is $250,000

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College of Education:

  • P.E., Kinesiology, and Safety Lab Building

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College of Fine Art & Design:

  • Music Building Offices- The Music Department has requested office modifications. The funding needs to be identified.
  • Art Building Kiln Space Air Quality Improvement- The Art Department has identified this space as being in need of improved air quality.
  • Feasibility for Building on Site of Storage Barn- The dean’s office has identified the long term potential of using this site for a mixed purpose building that may be occupied by multiple tenants.
  • CTL Radke Recital Hall- The acoustics of the room need to be studied and modified to allow for more flexibility in performances.

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College of Math & Science:

  • Lab Building- Planning for shared use facility with Forensic Science. Need to formalize identified site on campus master plan.
  • High Speed Computational Center- College and A&E Services need to discuss project status.
  • Selman Lab- College and A&E Services need to discuss what projects will have priority and funding.

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College of Liberal Arts:

  • Communications, Room 210- Remover existing wood paneling and paint wall. Project budget: TBD. Start date: TBD.
  • Communications, Room 210/Mail Room Improvements- Remove existing borrowed light and wall between COM 210 and the mail room. Project budget: TBD. Start date: TBD.

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Capital Projects: