Facilities Management Building

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get building repairs accomplished?
Talk to your building captain who will coordinate routine maintenance needs.

What if my office is moving? How do I get that done?
Physical Plant has a crew who can move furniture, boxes, etc. Submit your requirements through the Building Captain no less than two weeks in advance of your needed move date.

How do I get support if I am sponsoring a special event?
If this is a student sponsored event, fill out the Event Planning Application Form in Campus Life and bring it to the Physical Plant work order office at least two weeks before the event. If you are Faculty/Staff and are having an event, please contact your Building Captain. They will initiate a work order and will be able to fill out the Events Setup Form online.

Who does Custodial work on campus?
The current contractor is WFF.

Who is JCI?
JCI stands for Johnson Controls, Inc. This contractor handles all the routine and preventive maintenance and repairs on campus heating, ventilation and air conditioning system on the UCO campus.

What is FAMIS?
FAMIS is the computerized work management system for facility work orders. It enables the Physical Plant to monitor repairs and maintenance on campus and issues invoices to customers.

Why can't Physical Plant renovate my office without charging?
The state appropriated Physical Plant funds are intended to provide the normal infrastructure operations, maintenance and repair requirements for the campus. Major new construction and renovations are paid for by separate State funds. Minor alterations or remodeling must be paid for by the requestor.

How do I learn more about recycling?
Click here.

How do I obtain an estimate for needed work?  Have your building captain enter a Service Request asking for an estimate for the work that needs to be done. You will be contacted by Physical Plant to go over the details of your request. You will receive a written estimate of costs which you will sign and return if the project has been approved.