Facilities Management Building


Emergency and Non-Emergency

For emergency or immediate assistance please call our Work Order desk at 974-2247 during normal business hours Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm. On weekdays after 5:00 pm and weekends, call Police Services at 974-2345. To request non-emergency service, please coordinate within the administrative unit of your organization and with the designated building captain. The building captain will submit the request via our online system FAMIS. This will help prevent the duplication of work requests. For the building captain list click here.

Key and Lock Information

Please see Police Services.

Moving Office Furniture

The Physical Plant will provide boxes for packing. All boxes will be picked up by the Physical Plant at the end of the move. If boxes are missing, it will be the department's responsibility to pay for the replacement boxes. Please have a Building Captain create a work order and specify how many boxes are needed and where they are to be delivered to and the Setup/Recycling staff will deliver them to you.

Remove all items on furniture. Desktops and freestanding shelves should be cleared. This should be done before the Physical Plant staff arrives. Vertical file cabinets do not need to be emptied but horizontal cabinets do. The Physical Plant staff will advise if drawers or file cabinets should be emptied. Items should be boxed if the desk will be unsecured or left overnight before being moved back. Please label all boxes with room numbers that they will be returned to.

All computer/printer cables should be disconnected. after your move, you will need to reconnect your computer.

All personal items should be removed before Physical Plant staff arrives.

If you feel you are unable to pack your area in the time allotted or if you have specific questions or concerns regarding your move, please contact the work order desk at 974-2247.

Thank you for your cooperation.   

Special Events

When planning a special event, please read the UCO Campus Event Setup Guidelines for some basic "do's and don'ts." These guidelines can be printed using Adobe Reader. If you cannot print these guidelines, please contact the Work Order desk at 974-2247 to receive a copy via campus mail. Once you receive approval for a special event, please contact the Work Order desk at 974-2247. We can assist you with coordination of schedules, electrical needs, set up, clean up and any special considerations which your event may utilize. Please include the Physical Plant in your plans as early as possible, so we can help make your event a success. NOTE: Due to safety concerns, the Physical Plant no longer provides grills.

Snow Removal Map

The UCO Physical Plant inclement weather plan involves clearing ice and snow from building entrances, sidewalks and parking lots for the UCO campus. Click here to view the building entrances and parking lots that will be available first during snow and/or ice removal. The entrances are denoted by a gold circle. The parking lots are denoted by a blue circle. All other entrances and parking lots will be cleaned as time allows depending on the severity of the weather. If you have any questions, please call our Work Order desk at 974-2247.