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UCO Sustainability

Welcome to the UCO Sustainability page! Here you can follow our progress toward a more sustainable, livable campus community.

Any conversation about sustainability must begin with a common definition. In the book Toward a Sustainable Future, sustainability is defined as "the ability to provide for the needs of the current generation without compromising the the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

In essence, sustainability is "the desire to create a society that is safe, stable, prosperous, and ecologically minded," (Sustainability: A History, 2014). 

Achieving sustainability requires attention to three elements: social justice, healthy environments, and strong economies. Here at UCO, we strive to create an atmosphere where all three of these elements are celebrated. Through active programming, infrastructure and processes upgrades that take economic and environmental concerns into consideration, and solutions founded in evidence-based research, we strive to make the UCO campus, and the OKC community at-large a more sustainable place. 

The Office of Sustainability is physically located in the Nigh University Center Room 212, right across the hall from the UCO bookstore. However, sustainability initiatives at UCO are relatively decentralized and encapsulate many different offices and faculty/staff members, as well as student groups, classes, and off-campus entities. 

Contact us at 405.974.3526, green@uco.edu

Find our social media accounts and other areas of emphasis for sustainability at UCO on the left side of the page.