Landscape Management

 There are many ways UCO is trying to manage its landscape to preserve our ecosystem and reduce energy needs as well. Some examples follow:

A computer controlled irrigation system ensures we only use the right amount of water for irrigation purposes. The system can be controlled remotely and operates primarily at night to conserve water.

UCO mulches its flowerbeds as much as possible to control undesired weeds and to reduce moisture evaporation.

Lilacs in Bloom

UCO has an active workforce that that tries hard to keep UCO free of litter. Containers are placed around campus and many hours of labor are spent in retrieving the litter that does wind up outside. Our efforts to keep UCO green and beautiful can be improved with the help of all students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus.

Integrated pest management is a system that minimizes the use of pesticides and fertilizers on campus as much as possible. Pests can best be eliminated by elimination of their food and shelter sources. Reduction of litter, clean facilities and moisture control of facilities, etc are just a few of the active measures being taken in this area.