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Green Office Certification Program

What is the Green Office Certification Program (GOCP)?

How are offices scored for the GOCP?

How does an office apply for the GOCP?

What is the Green Office Certification?

The Green Office Certification Program is aimed at highlighting offices/departments that have showcased efficient and responsible use of the university's resources. It also encourages students, faculty, and staff to make their offices and workspaces more sustainable. Any office may choose to participate in the informal review process and interview to determine what your office is doing currently to be more sustainable, and what you might do to make more progress towards sustainability. Once the process is complete, qualifying offices will rewarded at different levels depending on their current sustainability progress. 

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How are offices scored for the GOCP?

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How does and office apply for the GOCP?

To apply for Green Office Certification, please follow the steps below. For more information, or to reapply or reclassify your office, contact green@uco.edu

Green Office Certification Steps:

1.) Assign a Sustainability Ambassador to represent your department/office

2.) Complete this form

3.) The Office of Sustainability will send you a self assessment form to fill out

4.) Schedule a walk through

5.) Recommendations from the Office of Sustainability

You will then be awarded a Green Office Certification! Utilizing the recommendations given, as well innovations and ideas that you and your officemates come up with will allow you to improve your Green Office score. Certified offices will be showcased in a yearly publication, and will have access to Green Office marketing materials for your office and web presence. 

To begin, please complete this form.

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Questions? Email green@uco.edu.