Housing Communities

Housing & Dining strives to accommodate the needs of all students and offers unique communities for a wide variety of interests and situations. 

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities(LLC) are residence hall communities made up of students who have the same or similar academic major. Through connections forged in the community and through networking opportunities facilitated by the associated faculty and staff, LLC's emphasize and support students' academic pursuits at UCO. 

Substance Free Housing

The Substance Free Housing community was created to provide a supportive environment for those seeking to live a substance-free life and develop habits that support lifelong health and well-being. 

Transfer Student Housing

The Transfer Student Housing community was created to help ease the transition to life at the university by introducing transfer students to peers sharing the same experience and connect them to resources critical to success at UCO. 

21+ and Graduate Student Housing

The 21+ and Graduate Student Housing community was designed with older students in mind and is restricted to single graduates and students over 21 years of age. 

Those seeking to learn more about the Housing Communities offered at UCO can contact the Living Learning Communities Coordinator Sam Kramer at skramer@uco.edu

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