Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get a head start! Let us know you’re interested in joining an LLC.  

Community Requirements

Are there fees associated with living in an LLC?

There are no additional fees associated with living in an LLC. Events and activities offered to you as an LLC member are provided at no cost.

The LLC I want is assigned to a building I don’t want to live in. Can I choose to live somewhere else?

The proximity you will have to your fellow LLC members is a critical part of connecting to your community. As such, students who want to be a part of an LLC must live in the designated building as their community.

Do I have to take the course for my LLC?

Yes. Another critical component of an LLC is the course that is shared among community members and because it can have an impact on students’ residential experience in the LLC, the course is required for all LLC residents. The only exception is the General Psychology class required in the Psychology LLC. If you have already received AP credit for this class, the requirement is waived.

Roommate/Room Selection

How does the roommate and room selection preference work in an LLC?

The LLC application will take priority over any building and/or roommate preference selected on your housing application. To uphold the integrity of all of our LLCs, all students who reside in a community must be eligible for that specific community. If an LLC applicant has requested a roommate, then the requested individual must also meet the LLC eligibility requirements and be accepted into the same community. If you would prefer to live with a specific person, both you and your preferred roommate may indicate that when you apply. 

If I already have a housing assignment, can I still join an LLC?

If you are willing to change your housing assignment, there is still a possibility for you to join an LLC. Please contact us for your options!

Application Process

How do I apply?

First, you must be admitted to UCO. To apply for an LLC, you will indicate your interest on the housing application. The LLC application consists of three short essay-type questions, which helps us place you in the community that will be most beneficial for you.

What is the timeline for the application process?

Applications are accepted until each program is full. The application is managed on a rolling basis, so it is best to apply before May. Once submitted, a staff member will review your application and contact you via the Housing portal within 72 business hours. If your application is accepted, you can search for a roommate and select your room through the portal.

What happens if I am not selected for an LLC?

Students not selected for an LLC will still have the opportunity to continue general room selection.

Can I apply for more than one community?

Yes! The LLC application will ask you to list your top two preferences. If your first preference is full, you have the option to live in your second preference (depending on availability) and to be placed on the waitlist for your first preference. You may also cancel your LLC application to continue to the general room selection process.