What is a living learning community (LLC)?

A living learning community (LLC) is a residence hall community made up of students who have the same or a similar academic major. Housing collaborates with various campus and academic partners to provide experiences that emphasize and support students’ academic pursuits at UCO.

Students in an LLC live in the same hall, which makes it easier for them to meet others who have similar interests, to collaborate on assignments, to share class notes, and to form study groups or impromptu tutoring sessions. Each community offers a unique experience, but all students who live in an LLC can expect:

-        A connection to the classroom experience.

-        Community events tailored to the residents’ major or academic interests.

-        Dedicated staff and faculty members who provide support and promote student success.

What does it mean to be in a living learning community?

The purpose of the living learning community program at UCO is to promote participation in a community where residents are challenged to think critically and to explore their identity as a professional in their field of study.

As a result of living in an LLC, students will be encouraged to explore their professional identity, to apply their classroom knowledge across curricular and cocurricular contexts, and to participate in their communities alongside peers, faculty, and professional staff. To achieve this, the LLC program strives to strategically provide opportunities for students to:

-        Develop connections with faculty and/or professionals in the field;

-        Develop connections to their fields of study;

-        Attend community events with faculty members; and

-        Enroll in cohort classes that contribute to a dynamic community.

What is required to live in a living learning community?

LLC students must live on campus and in their respective community location. Students are also required to enroll in the common course for their specific community, which means that everyone in the LLC takes the same class at the same time. New LLC students are also expected to attend their LLC orientation, which is typically the Monday after August move-in.