Housing and Dining:Living Learning Communities

What is a living learning community (LLC)?

Living learning communities (LLCs) are residence hall communities associated with a theme or an academic major. Housing & Dining collaborates with various campus partners to deliver different types of educational and social experiences that emphasize and support academics. These communities provide opportunities for students to combine their academic experience with their living environments.

What does it mean to be in a living learning community?

At UCO, you will find that there is a difference between learning and simply getting a degree. Living learning communities can be the pathway to your growth as a student, as a scholar, and as a contributing member of your community. As a member of a living learning community, you will experience a culture of scholarship and an environment where it’s okay to work hard on your studies. You’ll live with others who have a strong desire to learn and who will support you in similar academic efforts. You’ll live in a building designed with you in mind, with plenty of study space and areas for group work. You’ll learn both inside and outside the classroom to create a seamless learning environment. Even social activities planned for your LLC emphasize the importance of academics and challenge you to make the connections between your learning and your application of knowledge. You’ll recognize an expectation of your community to prioritize studying and academics. You will also enroll in at least one class that will be shared with your neighbors, meaning that everyone in your LLC will be taking the same class at the same time. This leads to opportunities for collaboration on assignments and impromptu tutoring sessions.

Why should I join an LLC?


The transition to college can be difficult. Students who participate in LLCs experience smoother social and academic transitions because they are living and learning with peers who share their passions and interests.

Academic Success

LLC residents experience a more supportive academic environment through peers, faculty mentors, and intentional, educational activities specific to living learning communities.


Students who participate in LLCs are more likely to get involved and feel connected to campus. LLCs expose students to future possibilities of internships, networking, and faculty mentorships by engaging with different partners across campus.

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