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The Transformative Learning Quadrangle, or “The Quad” for short, is located on the northeast side of campus next to Buddy’s and features pod-style living and a dining option.

The Quad features thousands of square feet of activity and utility space. Besides the first floor lobby area, this residence hall also has a 3,000 square foot lobby area, large laundry facility, and an academic wing, all within the confines of the residence hall itself. In total, students will have access to 22 study rooms, as well as 12 social lounges, each equipped with an entertainment package. Other amenities unique to The Quad include a community kitchen, complete with cook top and oven, a movie screening room, and exercise room, as well as the Creative Suite, which overlooks the courtyard from the fourth floor and is designed to be a place for creative and artistic projects, complete with sinks for cleanup.

Housing Communities

The Quad is home to the largest number of Housing Communities in the residence hall community. 

Living Learning Communities within the Quad:

  • Bronchos in Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Fine Arts and Design
  • Forensic Science
  • Mass Communications

To learn more about Housing Communities, click here!

Photo Gallery

Bedroom inside Quad   Quad Room Alternative Setup   Quad Pod Bathroom   Study Room in the Quad
Quad Community Kitchen   Students in the Quad Lobby   Quad Creative Suite   Quad Courtyard Aerial
Floor Plan
Pod Floorplan


Floors are divided into neighborhoods, containing 40 residents, divided up in four pods of 10 residents. A pod consists of five double-occupancy rooms and one bathroom. Each pod bathroom is key-accessible only to those in the surrounding rooms, and is regularly maintained for those residents. Residents of each neighborhood will have access to two study rooms and a social lounge. These study spaces have been designed with group projects in mind, providing room for creativity and collaboration.

Approximate Standard Room Dimensions: 11.5ft x 17ft

Approximate L-Shaped Room Dimensions: 11ft x 18ft x 6ft