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West Hall is a co-ed, traditional style residence hall and is located in the heart of the campus, between Buddy's Cafeteria and the library. 

West Hall is a three-story brick building with four wings (North, Center, East, and South). Within each of these wings are free laundry facilities and study rooms. West Hall features a large lobby and lounge area on its west side that is fully furnished with couches, study nooks, tables and large TV's with electronic equipment like DVD players and video game consoles available for check-out. It is in this large lounge space that programs like movie marathons, Bingo Night and Safe Treat Night occur for residents to participate in. 

Also located within West Hall is Tutoring Central, where students can receive one-on-one tutoring in an array of subjects. 

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View outside West   West Hall Inside Room   West Hall Closet   West Hall Lobby

Floor Plan

West Hall Floorplan


West Hall rooms are fully-furnished double-occupancy rooms. This residence hall options features the best storage option on campus with large closets and built in drawer space. Each hall features a community-style bathroom that is maintained multiple times daily by a contracted cleaning service. 

Approximate Bedroom Dimensions: 10ft x 14.5ft