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Meal plans, which are available for all UCO students, faculty and staff, provide a convenient way to grab a snack or a meal on campus. Students in West Hall, Murdaugh Hall, The University Suites and the Quad are required to have a per week or per semester meal plan when they live on campus. Students also have the first two weeks of the semester to change their meal plan.

There are two parts to a meal plan: Meal Swipes and Flex Dollars. Flex Dollars work like cash and are used like normal money, just without the sales tax being applied on each purchase. Flex Dollars can be used at all locations; Meal Swipes may be used at Buddy's, 1890, Broncho Sports Grill, Tu Taco, 2nd Street Subs, and the markets. The on-campus dining possibilities are endless with a meal plan. Check out the campus map of dining locations for a quick reference.


The Max: Up to 19 meal swipes per week and $100 Flex

The 14: 14 meal swipes per week and $200 Flex

The 10: 10 meal swipes per week and $25 Flex

The 9: 9 meal swipes per week and $425 Flex - This plan is the most popular among all residents!



167 Meals: 167 meal swipes per semester and $220 Flex



Flex Plans can be added on to any Resident Meal Plan for maximum dining variety and convenience. Residents must buy a Resident Meal Plan first, before adding on any of the following Flex Dollar plans. 

$250 Flex

$200 Flex

$100 Flex

$50 Flex

$25 Flex

For information on meal plan rates, check out our Dining Rates.