Thank you for your interest in the UCO Holiday Craft Fair!

The Holiday Craft Fair has concluded for 2017. Check back for more information on next year's event.

The purpose of our fair is to highlight employees who are also talented Makers, designing and hand crafting works for purchase. Before you complete the application, please review our FAQ and “How to Submit a GREAT Application” guide for helpful tips and information. We look forward to seeing the unique and wonderful items you have to offer!

NOTE: UCO’s Holiday Craft Fair will not accept party-based or Independent Consultants. This is a family-friendly and handmade-only show. The work sold at UCO’s Holiday Craft Fair must be represented by the person who made the goods.

How to submit a GREAT application to the UCO Holiday Craft Fair

Think of your application as your crafty resume. Below are some tips to help make your application stand out.


The quickest way to our hearts is to stand out with a unique or innovative craft we haven’t seen before. Maybe you are wondering, “What if I craft something that is common, like jewelry or paper-goods; how do I stand out?” We don’t expect you to change the course of your craft, and there is room for all kinds of crafts at the fair, but we encourage you to push the envelope and brainstorm ways you can set yourself apart from the pack:

  • Utilize unique packaging
  • Make something exceptionally well
  • Showcase well-styled photos that highlight your creativity
  • Make your goods wholly by hand


Remember that as part of your application, you are required to submit 2 or 3 photos showing the detail of your work as well as your overall booth display, if applicable.

Clear photographs, great styling, and professionalism showcasing a well cultivated line of goods all make your application stand out. When it comes to your wares, the more the merrier! One product offered in a variety of styles, or a variety of well-made goods always catch our eye.

Not everyone will have a website up and running, but if you do it should be easily navigable, and your online shop should be full before you provide us with a link. If you have a blog, Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr page, let us know so that we can check out more of your work!

Remember that it is not a requirement to be running a thriving business in order to participate in the craft fair. We just want to see what beautiful things you are currently making! A well-styled photo suggests you will make the effort to have a well-styled booth set-up, even if you’ve never participated in a craft fair before. Showing a wide variety of products leads us to believe you will have a full booth of goodies at the fair.

We look forward to seeing your all-star application soon!

UCO Holiday Craft Fair FAQ

What criteria and qualifications do you look for in your applicants?

The UCO Holiday Craft Fair is juried by a committee who reviews the pool of applications thoroughly and selects the artists that are the best fit for the UCO Craft Fair. We thoughtfully and carefully choose applicants based on a number of criteria, listed below.
  • Your work is designed by you (a UCO employee), made by hand, and not outsourced in an unethical way. Please provide information in your application if your products aren’t entirely made by you or by hand.
  • Your work overall is cohesive and consistent, and you provide clear examples for us to view.
  • Your work is innovative and unique and you avoid saturated trends.
  • The average price of your items falls within what is typical of a smaller craft fair, with prices typically ranging between $1-$100.
  • If you are a pre-packaged edibles vendor, you offer unique packaging and flavors showcased in a thoughtful, well-designed manner. We expect artisanal food to reach for the same levels of creativity as our other craft participants.

What sort of space and resources will I have?

You will be given a 6 foot table with two chairs for use throughout the Craft Fair and set-up time beginning at 8:00 AM on the day of the fair.

You will need to bring any other items you wish to use for your booth, including table cloths, signs, and fixtures. You are responsible for cleaning up any trash from your area before you leave. Items left behind will be discarded.

This occurs during a scheduled work time for me - is it okay to participate?

Perhaps! Under UCO Policy, employees are required to obtain approval from their supervisor before participating in outside work activities. As these activities should not be performed during schedule work time for the University, you will need to work with your supervisor to determine your use of leave, comp time, flex time, or other mutually agreeable time management solution.

You should expect to be available not only for the entire duration of the Craft Fair (9:00 AM-1:00 PM) but also for any time you need to set up and tear down/clean up.

How can I collect payment?

You are responsible for determining and facilitating your methods of payment. The University cannot provide card readers, change, money boxes, or other items to help in this regard. The University does not take liability for any cancelled or returned checks, fraudulent money, disputed charges, or other payment related issues that arise from this event. We suggest that you consider bringing your Square or similar device so that you can accept credit cards, but how you are paid is ultimately up to you.

Do I have to collect sales tax?

You are responsible for registering your small business with the IRS and collecting sales tax (if applicable) for the items you’re selling. When tax time comes around, you’ll have to pay income tax on all the items you sold and pay the sales tax to the state where the fair is held. We recommend that you call the IRS for more info.

IRS: 1-800-829-4933 or