Retiree Insurance

HeathSmart handles all retiree insurance billing and processing. You may reach HealthSmart by phone or e-mail.  

If you change banks, you will need to notify HealthSmart with the new routing and checking account information.

Please be sure to notify both HealthSmart and the UCO Benefits Department if you change your mailing address or phone number.

HealthSmart Services contact information:  1-877-287-1605 or email:

Retirees Under 65

Medical insurance is provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield and dental insurance is provided by Delta Dental for all employees and dependents under the age of 65. Vision insurance is provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP) and dependent life insurance is provided through MetLife.

Retirees 65 and Over

Medical insurance is provided by United HealthCare for all employees and dependents over the age of 65. Dental insurance is provided by Delta Dental for all employees and dependents over the age of 65.

UnitedHealthcare Service Helpline: 1-800-698-0822

HealthSmart Services contact information: 1-877-287-1605 or email: