The Zero Card

The Zero Card

Figuring out medical insurance can be an overwhelming process, especially with a limited budget and the prospect of looming surgeries, procedures and high medication costs. In 2017, driven by a changing market and employee feedback, UCO introduced the Zero Card, a service paid completely by UCO’s medical plan. The Zero Card gives employees the option to choose lower cost plans that offer premium savings, while still receiving medically-necessary procedures and prescriptions without breaking the bank. There is no enrollment process and dependents covered under UCO’s medical plans are eligible to use the Zero Card too.


The process begins with a visit to the employee’s primary care doctor. If the doctor requests additional testing, procedures or surgery, the employee can call the Zero Card to determine the procedure’s eligibility. If covered, the Zero Card will help book the appointment at a nearby facility and UCO’s medical plan will completely cover costs associated with the procedure, including physical therapy, pre-operative and post-operative care. The employee doesn’t use their BlueCross and BlueShield medical insurance card, and UCO saves money by connecting employees with low-cost, high-quality transparent care.

Prescription Benefits

Over 1,200 generic prescription drugs are offered through, a partner of the Zero Card. Employees can register through the website or call the Zero Card for registration assistance. Doctors can submit employees’ prescriptions by phone, fax or mail, exactly like a brick-and-mortar pharmacy. Prescriptions are mailed to employee’s homes in three to five business days, and can be automatically refilled when requested.

Lab Services

Lab Services are provided by the Zero Card to use for any service requested by a doctor. These services are covered at the employee’s doctor’s office, or at DLO/Quest Diagnostic locations. Employees can also find Lab Card locations and request a Lab Card by contacting the Zero Card. Members must use their specific lab card when seeking lab services through the Zero Card.

Imaging Services

If a doctor orders a specific type of imaging service (like an MRI, CT, X-Ray, etc.), employees can get the imaging orders from the doctor, call the Zero Card, and the Zero Card will provide assistance with scheduling a provider. The results are given back to the employee and their original doctor to be read, and the cost is entirely covered by UCO’s medical plan. 

Additional Information

When employees choose to use the Zero Card lose the option to choose their specific doctor or provider . But providers like the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, McBride Orthopedic Hospital, Surgery Center of Oklahoma, OU Physicians and many others are connected with the Zero Card. As long as the procedure, surgery and/or medication is covered by the Zero Card, employees have a great option to provide for their medical needs and keep their costs down. The Zero Card is not meant to be used in emergency situations, including urgently-needed medication, but provides a great option for those needing medications or procedures that can be scheduled in advance. As healthcare costs rise, the Zero Card provides a strategic way for employees to keep money in the bank while still receiving high-quality care. 

Contact Information

Visit to learn more about the Zero Card, or call 855-816-0001 to speak with a Personal Health Assistant.