As each employee's needs are different. UCO offers three medical plans through BlueCross BlueShield of Oklahoma to meet those needs and provide flexibility to employees and their families. The University contributes $530 per month to medical premiums for all full-time employees. Remaining contributions can be used to help cover the cost of other benefits or taken as taxable income. Dental insurance is available through Delta Dental with three options to provide flexibility and choice. UCO’s vision insurance is available through Vision Service Plan (VSP). For more information about the different insurance plans, visit our BenefitFocus system or the links on the left.

Employees enrolling in coverage for the first time or making a change to current elections will do so through the BenefitFocus system, which gives employees anytime access to their benefits and provides support in helping to better understand and utilize their UCO benefits.

If you have questions, please call the Benefits Department at (405) 974-2656, or (405) 974-2661.

When am I eligible for benefits?

UCO offers benefits to all employees who work 30 hours per week or more. Benefit eligible employees will receive benefits on the first day of the month following their date of hire.

To enroll in the insurance, please visit Benefitfocus.

If you have questions, please call the Benefits Department at (405) 974-2656, or (405) 974-2661.

Who is an eligible dependent?

  • Your spouse
  • Your dependent child meaning your biological, stepchild, foster child, adopted child, or child placed for adoption that is under the age of 26.
  • A dependent child who is medically certified as disabled and dependent upon the member and his/her spouse
    • The disability must have begun before the child attained age 26


In order to change your benefits outside of the annual Open Enrollment period (October) the employee must:
  1. Experience an applicable Qualifying Event (see details below), as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Changes based on financial reasons alone are not allowed under the current IRS regulations.
  2. Login into Benefitfocus and upload the required documentation within 30 days of the applicable Qualifying Event.

What is an Applicable Qualifying Event?

Within the context of changing benefits, “applicable” refers to a change that is directly related to the individual experiencing the qualifying event.

"Qualifying Events" include:
  • A birth or an adoption
  • Marriage, divorce or legal separation
  • A death
  • Child loses eligibility because of age
  • Employee’s spouse gains or loses coverage through employment
  • Significant change in the financial terms of health benefits provided through a spouse’s employer or another carrier

When does coverage begin?

Except for coverage of a newborn or adopted child, changes in coverage will begin the first day of the month following the qualifying event. Coverage for a newborn is effective on the child's date of birth, or in the case of an adopted child, on the date of placement. The premium for coverage of a newborn or adopted child is due in the birth month if the child is born before the 16th of the month, or in the case of an adoption, if the date of placement is before the 16th of the month. Otherwise, the premium is not due until the following month.

If you have a qualifying event, contact the Benefits Department.

        Direct Fax:  (405) 974-3827

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Office Location:  Lillard Administration Building, Room 212